Choose The Right Career Coach


If the career coach holds a certification with a leading global organisation that provides formal training and adhere to general standards of professionalism, be sure you have got the right catch.

Work experience

In order to help someone in achieving work-related goals, A great coach must himself have a real-world work experience. It has been observed that are plenty of career coaches who excel in life coaching but have few practical suggestions. If a person has not been through different working conditions, how can he help you?

Authenticity of references

If the coach is willing to provide references from his past clients, nothing can beat the authenticity. Go by the references offered to you by your friend, relative or any acquaintance. One of the best ways is to look at the ratings and reviews on social media.


Choose a coach who is renowned and recognized for his success stories and achievements. Is he visible in the industry? Any published articles or books? Has he ever been a part of professional conferences? Your chosen coach must be 100% dedicated and committed to the profession.


A great coach should know the art of determining your overall goals. He should understand the specific milestones and able to tell you what might results look like beforehand. Always try for one-to-one sessions.

Media Relations For Startups

When starting the process of media relations, either side can initiate the communication, but it’s important to note that the media are the ones in charge of their own publications, which means that they have control over which content gets published and how it will look like. This is because they take care of their own audience by publishing only the most relevant pitches, which makes ongoing relationships with the media vital. The best tactic to ensure a good first impression and a decent chance of maintaining a good working relationship with the media is to understand what each of their point of interest is. Some news portals post about businesses only, some are more into technology, while others have a dozen sections, all of which are covered by specific reporters.

Those who participate in reaching out to the media put together a so-called media list, which is a list of all possible media outlets that might show interest in covering a story about the organization. It helps by discarding all other media outlets who are not writing about topics the organization revolves around. This also includes stories which in any possible way relate to the organization itself, not just a one-time coverage about an organization.

Every organization representative has the ability to raise awareness via the media, even if the organization is a startup. Startups can make an outstanding and immediate impact with a good chosen audience by either comparing their own products to their most famous competitors, or by creating a buzz around a certain topic.

The impact builds public support for the startup organization, as well as a first impression, which can be positive or negative. Another thing the impact can often lead to is an encouraged two-way communication.

With media relations, startups can ensure their potential customers find out about the upcoming product. Unfortunately for those startups that have yet to make a product, press coverage can hurt their business. So far, it has been proven numerous times that a coverage by renowned news portals like TechCrunch or Wired does not make an impact whatsoever if the mission is to just get the word out about a company who has yet to release something.

Think of social media as probably the best startup marketing channel, because within the last few years, brands all over the world have thought through their social media strategy way before reaching out to media outlets. A good social media strategy is possibly the best investment in customer relationships.

Advantages of Project Management

A full understanding of the project goals

No business can expect to grow without managing its projects successfully. They will be professionals capable of developing the project goals and objectives so that right resources can be allocated. PMP-trained professionals have the knowledge in regard to choosing the right project that do justice to the time and resources invested. So, only right projects are initiated and the bad ones are not started at all from the very start.

Project handling through phases

All projects have to pass through different phases and stages to reach their ultimate destination. Only trained professionals can ensure that projects are taken through all the phases without any problems. Right from concept to completion, trained professionals ensure that projects get reviewed at different stages by all stakeholders. This is how acceptance is accorded to projects

Setting a realistic budget and timescale

There has to be a realistic budget and timescale for projects of any nature. To decide on both the aspects, businesses will need professionals who can bring into play a rigorous approach to setting the time and budget for the project to be completed. Not getting both the aspects right means your project may run into over costs and cause delays.

A structured approach to projects

A project becomes successful only when it follows a structured approach and goes about based on goals and objectives set in advance. Which means, there has to a clear defining roles and responsibilities for each and every member part of the project. There has to a commitment to the project objectives and everyone has to play their part for the common cause.

Implement a systematic process to manage changes

PMP-trained professionals are familiar with the way to use a systematic process to manage changes to the project. They know how to handle project scope and objectives and ensure success on every imaginable front therein. This is how risks linked with change to products are minimized. Only then all the stakeholders can benefit from the project.

Law Ebooks

There are ample number of electronic books based on science, fiction and law present on the Internet these days. Forensic science ebooks, which is includes a broad spectrum of sciences, are also available in digital formats. These books provide knowledge about solving legal cases through a study of algorithms, criminalistics, chemistry, botany and anthropology, among other branches of science. With forensic science ebooks, lawyers, detectives and police can solve crimes and present scientific proof of their findings admissible in any court of law. There are several ebooks available on the online marts that deal with this topic, such as Handbook of Digital Forensics And Investigation; Virtualization And Forensics; and An Introduction To Internet-Based Financial Investigations, among others.

Similarly, law students can also obtain family law ebooks that provide information on ways of dealing with family related problems from eBook sellers. Mothers On Trial, Being A Great Divorced Father; Family Law And The Indissolubility Of Parenthood; and Canadian Family Law are some of the family law ebooks available on the World Wide Web at affordable rates. Divorce Without Court by Katherine Stoner, one of the renowned family law ebooks, is a complete guide to meditation and collaborative divorce. The book explains how both the parties can use meditation while separating and collaborate with each other while settling out of court.

Law students as well as other interested readers can also opt for ebooks that provide information about evidence, a law reference. Such books have proven facts about criminal evidence, a deep analysis on crimes with several examples, and real-life case studies. With the help of evidence, a law reference ebooks an individual can also come across latest issues on the subject. Some of the evidence, a law reference ebooks are New Developments In Evidentiary Law In California; Criminal Evidence; Trace Evidence Analysis; and Rethinking Evidence. These ebooks are written in concise language and contain numerous examples based on the issue.

These books can be translated in various other languages, such as English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Greek conveniently. Such books can be availed at quite reasonable rates and are quite compatible to read on any of the mentioned devices. Moreover, these ebooks have improved the reading experience of the readers by allowing them the access of books any time.

Digital Student Portals


There is a constant notion we accuse computers or digital devices with is ‘isolation’. This can be very prominently dismissed now as even our grandparents are a part of online social networks, commenting on our updates. This human-to-human collaboration is what digitization has brought, making distances smaller and interactions richer. Benefiting the digital learning and ensures 100% participation of students for online classroom courses or interaction. One gets access to people from various communities, ideologies, and background. Communicating, bringing a richer learning experience. For example, your CAT preparation could be easier as now you can know which method is best for faster calculations for larger digit multiplications, even though there is the data on it online. You have a live feedback!

Digital Archives

If we expand the horizon of anytime anywhere access and collaboration, we encounter yet another benefit of digital student portals: Digital Archives. When collaboration over a posted conversation takes place, students start uploading their data or notes onto the portals. This gives rise to archives. Students led by teachers in today’s classrooms use a growing range of web 2.0 applications to share and publish relevant academic material. The work is produced for an authentic audience and has better validation in forms of comments and replies. In this way, a library is created that is not restricted by space or topic but a global archive to help any student achieve their goals.

Online Communities

Collaboration and digital archives inevitably give rise to communities of online learners – that breathes life into educators and student careers and interests. The experience often begins by joining a discussion or signing into a portal, then contributing to it, getting inspired or being challenged and then sharing notes and being seen as an inspired in that very segment. The vitality with which interactions and discussions happen is extremely contagious and is a gift to the student community. Especially when one is studying for an exam and needs a quick tip or two!

Steps to a Second Career

But it wasn’t my first career change.

I started out as a high school teacher, then worked in museum education and project management. Then as a mum content development became my business.

In the job world, for each change, I started in junior to mid-level positions. Over time I had opportunities to take on better projects or be promoted.

This was the same with my business.

I leveraged my past experience and started with small projects I could manage with looking after my daughter.

Then as I gained more time and more professional experience, I took on bigger projects.

Changing careers just needs a bit of planning

Sometimes you get lucky and you’re in the right place at the right time.

Other times you need a strategy to get you there.

This is what I did to change careers.

It worked for me every time.

  • Focus on your skills. Qualifications help you get a job when you’re 23 but not so much when you’re 33 or 43. By the time you’ve worked for five years, employers are more interested in what you’ve done at work and what skills you bring. For sideways moves, you need to show that your experience and skills are relevant. Concentrate on the transferrable skills you already have. But some jobs you just need the qualifications and for good reason. Work out the cheapest, quickest way to get the qualification you need.
  • Targeted connections. Networking didn’t do anything for my career changes but making direct connections with the right people did. A lot of networking events are just too big and wide. Put 150 people in a room and the chance of finding someone who needs what you offer is pretty small. It’s the same with Facebook and LinkedIn. Yes, there are two billion users on Facebook but where are the small percentage who actually need what you offer? Direct connections, with the right people in the right places, worked very well for me. Things like an unpaid internship and making direct contact with people who have the right projects or jobs.
  • Go above and beyond. You will have to join the dots for people. A lot of people just don’t know much outside their professional area of expertise. You have to educate them why they need you. Be clear about your skills that make you perfect for the job.

Exposing Children To Educational Books

One cannot undermine the importance of reading in a child’s education. That’s why educational books are important as they help increase a child’s vocabulary and awaken his interest to learn more. Reading is the first step and the basic foundation for a child to perform well in school. When a child develops love for reading, learning other things becomes a lot easier. It is, therefore, important for parents to get the children’s interest to read at a very young age.

In order to capture your child’s interest for educational books, develop the habit of reading aloud to them. They will find it interesting as you read to them different stories and imitate various characters. Set aside a specific time of day dedicated to reading alone. This will have the children something to look forward to every day. Once the children develop love for reading, they will also develop the initiative to read on their own as they grow old. Reading is especially good to unwind and relax that’s why many parents prefer to read bedtime stories to their children.

Another good way to get your child exposed to the wonders of educational books is to take them to libraries. This will both teach them to develop appreciation for good books and learn the responsibility of returning them properly. If they’re old enough to select their books and reading materials, you can encourage them to get their own library card so they can explore and borrow on their own. Show them the area in the library where children’s educational books are found.

One important tip to get the attention of your children is to engage them every time you read stories. When you read with feelings and emotions and, at the same time, interact with children as you tell stories, they are challenged to use their imagination and listen intently. As you read educational books, include your children as part of the characters in the story. This will thrill them so much that they will want to participate in the story-telling until they learn to tell the story on their own. There are movies that were created based on best-selling books. It would help to buy these books and watch the movie with your kids. This will help them to relate the movie to the original story in the book. This will test their memory and understanding of what they watch and read.

Children should be able to associate reading with fun; as such, you should know how to create a good environment that’s conducive to reading and learning. It’s best to set up a separate area in your house or room that’s dedicated to reading and studying. Provide the appropriate furniture such as study table, chair and book shelves for all the educational books that you will buy for your children. Do not force them to read when they’re not in a good mood as this might make them develop negative notions about reading and studying.

MBA vs Executive MBA


EMBA degrees are minimum one year courses and the mode of offering is part time or distance/online. Regular MBA degrees are two year courses and the mode of offering is full time, thus making it difficult for an established working professional to pursue a full time regular MBA. Hence, if a professional wants to do an MBA in a shorter period of time, then EMBA is the most suitable option for such a professional.

Timings of classes:

A regular MBA is a full time course with classes scheduled for the entire day. EMBA classes, on the other hand, are scheduled at convenient timings so that a working professional can pursue the course without having to compromise on his work timings. EMBA classes usually take place in the evenings or in the weekends, thereby giving the professional ample space to pursue his/her professional goals.


The main objective of a regular full time MBA is to train a student to become an efficient manager. However, the objective of EMBA is to help a student reach executive level positions in a company. Since a working professional is already a well-established manager, he need not waste his/her time doing a regular MBA course. He can opt for EMBA and strive to reach executive level positions.


In a regular MBA course, there is usually a narrower assortment of electives to choose from. However, in EMBA, there exists a wide range of electives to choose from. This is why EMBA is better for professionals. Due to the existence of a lot of electives, a working professional can choose exactly in which area he/she wants to develop knowledge in.

Fees & Sponsorship:

One of the biggest advantages of doing EMBA is that a lot of times the EMBA courses are sponsored by the company you work for. After graduation, if you get into a good company and work hard and prove yourself in that company, you will get the opportunity to do EMBA that is sponsored by the company. Certain years of bonds are usually imposed when the company sponsors higher education, thereby giving you job security for the duration of the bond.

Make Money Online

If you are familiar with Tony and Sara’s material already, and you like their style, then you won’t be disappointed if what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by. I must give you fair warning though, I’m biased, because I do like their style and always enjoy their writing. So far, true to form, the Kickstartcourse has been entertaining, informative and straight to the point.

Everything you need to know to make money online and kickstart your online business is what’s promised, in weekly installments over the course of a year.

You get a lesson in the form of a pdf report each week which gives you the exact details you need to get your business started from scratch with minimum outlay.

From choosing your product to getting your sales page and website up and running to driving traffic and making a consistent long term income from your business; each step is covered in easy to follow steps with no padding written in a style that makes it a pleasure to read even if you know how to do it already.

The one drawback for me I find is that I’m frustrated by the fact that I have to wait for each lesson. I would love to have the whole course in one giant eBook so that I could keep on going!

For someone who knows quite a bit of what’s on offer in the early lessons it might be frustrating, as it is for me, to have to wait. But even so, there are gold nuggets in there that even fairly experienced internet marketeers will be glad to find. Plus, you would learn a lot about how to write your own content and be inspired to create more products yourself by their approach and their ideas.

You will find yourself saying ‘I wish I wrote this!’ a lot!

And if you are a complete beginner this is a goldmine. I wish I had this kickstartcourse when I first got started – without any kick!

It’s just that I hate waiting!

But I realise when I think about it that the weekly installment is a good idea. Each week you are given some tasks to get you further along the money making track, and each week you are reminded by the arrival of the next lesson to stay focussed. And you will be told at the start of each lesson what you should have accomplished by that stage. Just knowing you have to finish your homework before the next lesson is great to keep you working on what you need to do!

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is such a beautiful destination that the movie “Lord of the Rings” was also shot here.

The programs for higher education in this country are known worldwide for their quality. The employers all over the world are known to have given preference to students who have gained degrees from this country. The most recognized universities in this country are the University of Auckland, the University of Canterbury and the University of Otago.

Other notable universities are the Massey University and the Victoria University of Wellington. There are almost 860 training institutions in this country which have received private funding.

On an average, the living expenses of a student are 1,200 New Zealand dollars per month. The students can pursue the education in different courses varying from scuba diving to hospitality. The study environment in New Zealand is also very conducive to studies where students can benefit from small class sizes and the helpful learning environment where students are also encouraged to raise queries. The creative side of a student’s personality is also encouraged in this country. The students also have the privilege of working while studying whilst they are in this country.

Options for work-study in New Zealand are teaching when you don’t have classes, and executing administrative jobs. The students can also opt for paid internships while they are in this country. Such internships are also quite useful to add to your resume apart from allowing you to cover your study cost in New Zealand. The students who have work experience in the home country can use it to gain some useful employment in New Zealand. If you have a reference from your previous employer, it can help you to get extraordinary employment in New Zealand. If opting to work and study in New Zealand, it’s better to be aware of your working rights which include the privilege to earn a minimum wage. As a student, who is looking forward to covering his study cost in New Zealand, you can easily benefit from 20 hours of work during the academic sessions and more during college holidays. You can get the help of study-in-New Zealand consultants to get your study permit for this nation approved in time.