Month: April 2019

Civil Engineering Books

Indranil Goswami’s Civil Engineering All-In-One PE Exam Guide: Breadth And Depth is probably the best reference book for PE exam. The book comes with the actual format of the exam, so you can familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam. It does not cover only things that you will need to know to pass the exam, but it also serves as an essential on-the-job reference. The book covers important civil engineering topics such as structures, geotechnics, and construction.

Civil PE Professional Engineering Exam Construction Module by Ruwan Rajapakse is a practice book that contains sample problems that are similar to what you might find on the actual exam. It also has examples and step-by-step worked solutions, complete with illustrations. The book covers various topics such as horizontal curves and vertical curves of highway constructions, multi-storey buildings, construction grade stake markings, machine horsepower computation, and many others.

If you want a good reference book that you can use on daily basis, Analysis and Behavior of Structures by Edwin Rossow would be a good choice. This is an excellent reference book for civil engineering students because it emphasizes assumptions and limitations that they have to take into account when creating mathematical models for analysis. The book will also help you distinguish the differences between nonlinear and linear problems.

Environmental technology is also an integral part of civil engineering, thus Jerry Nathanson’s Basic Environmental Technology: Water Supply, Waste Management & Pollution Control is a good choice for students or engineers who want to gain a better understanding of chemistry, geology, biology, and hydraulics. It is an easy-to-read book, providing introduction on related topics such as pollution control, waste management, or water supply. This book is also a good reference book for professionals working in the public health protection or environmental quality control field.

There are other books that cover specific areas of civil engineering. And since this branch of engineering is a very broad field, it would be better if you can identify the areas you need to improve and you can online for the most suitable books for you.

Getting The Most Out Of Being Jobless

  • The Power Of Acceptance
    To begin with, acknowledge the fact that you don’t have a job at the moment. Half the battle is won when you stop fighting your feelings or resist them. There’s no shame in getting laid off or resigning from a job you despised. Even if you got fired for a legitimate reason or for a fault of yours, ‘accept it’. Contesting your feelings covertly will make matters worse and push you in a victim mode only to make you feel bad for yourself and your situation. Believe me, when I say this, no one likes a person who cries hoarse about how unfair life has been. This world was here first and it doesn’t owe you anything. Happiness won’t be given to you on a platter. You have to work hard to achieve it be it work, relationships or life in general.
  • Plan Of Action
    Get your space from family and friends to think about what needs to be done next. Take your time and give this a good thought. It doesn’t matter if days or weeks go by. Be in no rush whatsoever in getting back to work. You may feel disturbed about your situation but to be honest, these feelings are going to fade away soon. Deal with your emotions bravely and admit to the changes you need in life. When you think you’re ready to get into work mode, then have an open mind and get on with it. This will also be a good opportunity to look for other avenues or a new field you always wanted to explore. Go back to school if you haven’t finished your Degree or may be contemplate freelancing. There are umpteen options to choose from. All you’ve got to do is silence the noises in your head and let your heart and soul show you the way. You’ll definitely get a response from within.
  • Organizations That Value You
    You’ve worked enough for bad bosses who didn’t bother to appreciate the hard work you put in at the office. Don’t let history repeat itself. Look for companies that value its employees and who ensure they feel motivated to come to work. In fact, employers too are interested in candidates who are passionate about the organization rather than just looking forward to a fat paycheck. It seriously doesn’t matter if your curriculum vitae or cover letter stand out from the rest. With the global economy taking a hit and still trying to manage its footing, there are several out there competing for the same position. The 2009 recession made many lose their jobs and due to that, you have a tough competition and task ahead of you. Look for new skills that you can master and include them in your resume in order to add fresh selling points that can be easily highlighted.
  • Get Social-Networking
    Thanks to technology, the world is now a small place these days. Having social media accounts is essential as it can get you a job faster. Your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles will give Human Resources a tour of you as a person and the skills you bring to the table. So ensure all these accounts are nicely spruced up as well as optimized to make you shine in front of a potential employer. Google yourself and see what comes up. If you think your social media isn’t giving the world facts about who you are as a person, then work on them so that it resonates with your personality. Delete embarrassing pictures and eliminate unwanted profane posts and messages. You’d want to keep it decent and clean. Look for jobs that suit your skill-set. Upload your resume on job portals and let your friends and acquaintances know that you’re looking for a new job. Word of mouth is something that many disregard but letting people know about your job situation can actually work in your favour and land you the job of your dreams. So, keep your options open and above all, have a positive outlook.

Great Career Requires More Than Luck

  1. Work that engages you: The type of work that engages you may evolve, or it may stay the same for a lifetime. This doesn’t matter so long as you make it a priority to always be involved with something you find truly appealing. Engaging work is the most individual component and requires really knowing yourself.
  2. Work that helps others: Helping others can be subjective, but as long as you believe you are accomplishing this in some way, it will make a difference in your level of job satisfaction.
  3. Work you’re good at: It is necessary to feel as though you are using your strengths and talents in a field that compels you to continue to learn and grow. Otherwise, it can lead to feelings of frustration or uselessness.
  4. Working with people you like: You may like your colleagues for a wide variety of reasons – perhaps they are intelligent, fun, nurturing, ambitious. Your reasons for wanting to be around them don’t matter as long as you enjoy spending your time in their company.
  5. Work that meets your basic needs: Basic requirements, such as an acceptable salary, decent hours, and reasonable commute, are important to feel your work is worthwhile.

All five of these criteria can be controlled to some degree by the decisions we make. Although change is always difficult, making the necessary adjustments is a challenge worth taking.

When I personally look back at my corporate career, components 3, 4, and 5 were intact, but the work was not consistently engaging and I didn’t feel as though I was really helping anyone. Despite some of the job satisfaction factors being present, the two that were most important to me were missing. This led to a career that ultimately felt unfulfilling and compelled my need for a change. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs may feel as though they have components 1 through 4 covered, but their self-employment at times is not meeting their basic needs. This too requires an adjustment, as one must still be able to pay rent and eat.

Although not fully exhaustive of everything a person may want out of a career, using a list like this will help highlight any underlying issues with your own employment. It’s interesting to weigh the various components for yourself, as they do not all carry the same value and importance for each individual. What they do, however, is call attention to key forces that actively control the trajectory of your professional life. If you take the reins and steer your own career, in the end you may feel as though you did get your lucky break after all.

Advantages to Choosing AutoCAD Classes

The biggest advantage to AutoCAD classes is that it improves productivity. This is why so many companies enrol team members for these training sessions. It helps the student visualise their final product and see how it will work, ensuring they have taken all the necessary steps before putting the project forward.

The next advantage to this type of training is that the quality of the design is dramatically improved. This makes it easier when working with a group to show the design and everyone understand it, again saving time and energy and enabling staff to complete projects quicker than if they were drawing them manually.

The software enables users to create documentation for their design. This is a major benefit to taking AutoCAD classes and learning how this documentation is developed, helping others understand what is involved in the design with ease. Documentation includes everything from the materials to be used to components and specifications, very important in architectural design where the drawings are sent to a contractor who has to understand every step of the way.

Going to this type of training teaches students the importance of manufacturing databases, how to create and use them and how it will help them improve their overall productivity.

This software is so easy to use and offers the ease of cut, copy and paste, saving time, energy and making it easy to use once you know how. Companies and private individuals choose AutoCAD classes to develop skills to help in business.

Anyone looking for a job in the architectural or engineering sector will benefit greatly from having a certificate in this type of training. It enables the person to join a company and get to work, understanding the software used and helping them be a productive member of the team from day one.

Companies looking to develop their teams can choose this type of training, registering team members into classes which are held all over the world on a daily basis.

There are options available when looking for AutoCAD classes and it’s advisable to choose the one you feel most comfortable with, whether you want to take a course which lasts a few days or you want to study in your own time in the comfort of your own home. There is no right or wrong, it depends what your work schedule is like and your preferred method of study. Both options will leave students with a certificate in this type of software which can be used to help promote them during an interview process.

Hundreds of people attend AutoCAD classes every year to add to their growing resume, making them more appealing to prospective employers and increasing their chances of being accepted for promotion.

Understanding how the software works and what it can be used for is hugely advantageous in any industry that requires design and innovation. Those who complete this type of course can build anything from buildings to electrical circuits and stadiums to bridges and anything else that is needed by their company with complete specifications, materials, components, descriptions and proof that it works.

Finding Success After College

  1. Job Offers – Seek job offers in your areas of strength. Employers want you to contribute to the success of the company. You stand a greater chance of doing that when you start out in a job that takes advantage of your strengths.
  2. Company Culture – Investigate the culture in which you will be working. What environment makes you feel comfortable? Every company and every department has an operating style. Do some online research and try to talk with employees, former employees, customers and competitors.
  3. 3. Co-workers – Meet and make a judgement about the people you will work with. If you hate your boss and the people you will be working with, it will show. That is not something that will lead you to success.
  4. 4. Getting Started – Remember, you are the new employee, “the college kid,” and you don’t yet know how things work around there. You may be book smart, but there is a lot to learn about the people, the products and services and the methods of operation. Your first job is to ‘fit in.’
  5. The Work – Accept assignments and responsibility willingly. If you want to progress into the management ranks, you must first show others that you can get the job done as an individual. Later you must get the job done in groups or on teams and when leading a group.
  6. Ask Questions – Introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Show others that you are interested in the job, the company and want to learn as much as possible. The faster you gather the information and learn the ropes the faster you will become a member of the team.
  7. Your Attitude – Offer everyone a positive attitude, a great smile and a kind word. This acronym will help you remember that making a good impression starts with your attitude: A Tiny Thing Inside That Ultimately Determines Everything.
  8. Preparation – Obtain the information, tools, skills and assistance you will need. Doing any job well requires forethought and preparation.
  9. Be Helpful – Be willing to help others. Your willingness to help your fellow employees will go a long way toward gaining their support when it is needed.
  10. Relationships – Build positive relationships with the people you encounter. If the people in the company like you, your chances for success increase. When they do not like you, there is little chance for you to survive.

Finance Jobs Pros and Cons

These careers are not made without a lot of toil. This is especially true in finance. If you are thinking about getting a job in the financial industry, understand that there are high pros and cons.

The advantage of finance jobs in terms of salary is that they offer extremely competitive rates. The company you will be working for will dump most if not all financial matters on your desk and it’s your job to sort them out. They will pay you high amounts of money so they make more money and lose less.

The fact that there’s high wages waiting for you in a finance job is also the disadvantage. When you say competitive rates, there’s an emphasis on “competitive” because you also have to stay competitive to maintain those rates. This translates into a lot more work and a higher stress levels, which leads to burnout if you don’t manage it effectively.

The hours you work will depend on your job position. If you’re a financial consultant, for instance, you have full control over your hours. You can work when you want and get paid for when you do. The downside of this benefit is that you’re going to need to be really good at what you do to survive the industry. Otherwise, you won’t be in demand at all.

Job security is another pro-con of financial careers. The upside is that there’ll be no shortage of clients as long as there are businesses opening up. The downside is that some companies tend to hire when business is flourishing but lays off financial guys when it is not. To counter this, you just have to do your job well.


PDF is in trend to share documents through, right from your resume to high-security files are being shared in this format. It is easy for the sender to share and the recipient to view the files. However, some times it is only a part or extracts of the file those need to be shared for a particular purpose. It is required to split or segregate or how to separate pages from PDF and create a new file only with the needed content. Previously, it was tough and cumbersome to create a different file with required extracted details. As technology has advanced, today we have much software which helps us with their exhaustive tools to extract pages and split a PDF file as per the requirement.

Extracting data from the source file can be dicey and probably can lead to loss of some data. But when you are separating pages from a pdf file your original source is intact and safe. Movavi PDF Editor is a software that gives you the liberty to split pages of your pdf file and customize it as per your requirement. All the software has different tools working for the same purpose, few of them are user-friendly and some may not be easy to use. It is therefore suggested to preview and review the software before purchasing it. Today, you can get reviews of almost every software online and this helps you to choose the best suitable for your purpose.

The need for separating the pages is due to the requirement of data as per the meeting or as requested by the seniors. Creating a whole new file is time-consuming and tedious. This software helps you to extract the pages from the existing pdf file and develop a new file without any hassles. All you need is to be specific on your data requirement and page numbers. Although, you can always preview the pages being specific saves your time. Once the pages are identified you can extract them with the extract tool and save it into a new file. You can edit and modify this new file and place the pages as per the chronology that you need. Also, you can convert your PDF file into different formats such as JPG, PNG or BMP and then split your pages and create a new image file for your presentation.

It is recommended to go for a paid version of this software as a trial version may have its limitations and might not be able to resolve all your issues in creating or editing a PDF file. Separating pages from PDF is a cake walk with Movavi PDF Editor as it has all the tools and is user-friendly. Using software to edit your PDF files keeps you ahead of your competition and a notch above your rivals. As the time that you have saved can be used in improving your productivity and skills. Keep reading and keep using PDF editor!

Get An Event Management Degree

The big annual wedding expo is one perfect example, as well as concerts which drew fans from all over the world. Using events as tourist attractions is definitely one of the leading reasons why many are interested in a career in event management each year.

Additionally, you cannot miss the fact that it offers a lot of other benefits. One, there’s a steady demand for service. Two, every event presents an opportunity for growth as a professional because it possesses unique challenges. Three, it pays well. There are other benefits, but needless to say, a career in event management can be incredibly fulfilling and for such reasons alone, a lot of people are planning to get an event management degree.

The best way to prepare yourself if you are interested in becoming part of this great industry, is to take event planning courses to easily establish your credibility. You will learn everything there is to know about putting events together such as all the important strategies for research and execution in order to effectively achieve the special objectives of every event that will be entrusted to you. There is an abundance of event training courses in you can choose and if you wish to specialize in certain events, there are courses particularly designed for them.

One very common example is if you wish to be a wedding planner. Several subjects have been created purely for the beautiful and organized management and planning of weddings. The same goes with music events and concerts, sports events, shopping mall events, charity events, corporate events, and many others. Therefore, if you want to specialize in managing a particular event to target an established market, there won’t be any problem of meeting this goal since you are already equipped with the knowledge and skill you need to pull off a successful event as this.

Colleges Help More Students Land Good Jobs

Unfortunately, there are colleges that have trouble achieving all three. Some colleges are known for academic excellence. Others offer large numbers of activities, clubs and parties. Only a few have a reputation for having systems in place to ensure that large numbers of students obtain well-paying jobs with desirable employers that will have advancement opportunities.

Until college leaders change their minds and place a greater value on student employment success, they will not change their behavior. Nobody can effectively change their behavior before they change their minds.

Skeptical leaders always resist change. It scares them. Change usually scares us all until we understand it and believe that the change will make things better for us. That is the challenge.

How can college leaders identify and understand the changes that will both result in greater student employment success and make things better for themselves? Money, manpower and time are issues that are always brought up. However, the most important factors are “wanting to make things better” and “looking for and identifying the things that have to be changed.” Colleges that can’t or won’t do one or both of those things will never improve the employment success of their students.

To improve student employment success, colleges must:

  1.  that students are quite limited in their knowledge about job search preparation activities and what, how, when and why they should be done.
  2. Accept the fact that the college (a learning institution) is where students spend most of their time and where they expect to receive the information, help and guidance they will need for their employment search.
  3. Agree that job search preparation instruction and guidance is in large part the responsibility of the college as a whole, not just students and the people in Career Services.
  4. Understand that students must compete against other candidates for the best jobs in their fields of interest. Simply having earned a degree with good grades is often not enough.

Learning Quran With Tajweed Online

Understanding and learning the Quran with Tajweed rules can offer incredible benefits. Therefore, it is the dream of every Muslim parent to see their child learn Quran with Tajweed. But, this is easier said than done. Previously, it was very difficult to find good teachers who had an understanding of Tajweed and could pass on their knowledge to kids. Nowadays, parents have the options of letting their kids learn Quran with Tajweed online right from the comfort of their home. This is an amazing and convenient option for children and parents alike.

Working parents find it very difficult to drop and pick their kids from Quran learn centers or mosques where they can find a capable teacher. This problem can be eliminated when parents opt to let their kids learn Quran with Tajweed online. One of the greatest benefits of this option is that the lessons can be scheduled at your own convenience. You can choose timings that suit you and your child and work it out with the teacher. There are a number of websites that specialize in providing you and your kids with online Quran recitation lessons with Tajweed.

Online lessons don’t mean that your child will be taught through pre-recorded lessons or software. There are professional teachers who are willing to teach your child in live sessions through platforms such as Skype. These classes are quite interactive and you can enable your child to learn the Quran with proper Tajweed and gain a better understanding. You can do thorough research online to find a teacher who is skilled enough to teach your kids. The teachers are willing to provide you with a demo session so you can judge for yourself if they are suitable.

Another huge benefits of allowing your kids to learn Quran with Tajweed online is that it is quite affordable. Transport costs are reduced for both parties as you don’t have to leave your house and neither do they have to come to yours. Services like Skype are used, which are completely free and offer the same benefits as a face-to-face class. Your kids don’t have to depend on theoretical notes for learning and reciting the Quran with proper Tajweed. The right teacher can provide them with the necessary guidance and they will soon be reciting the Quran in its authentic accent.