Month: April 2019

Project Management Courses Online

In order to be a PMP certified professional, you first have to first be trained for it. The PMP course is essential in the preparation for the PMP Certification exam as they offer key information concerning product lifecycle, project phases, and PMP Process Groups.

Through these courses, you will learn about and explore the core source of information for any project manager: The Project Management Institute – PMI and the PMBOK Guide, published by PMI. In addition, you will be presented with key PMP concepts and terms as well as the project management Knowledge Areas.

Through these courses, you can learn more about what the PMP certification is and how it will help boost your career. According to the latest studies, a PMP certified manager has a salary that’s 20% higher than the ones without this certification. Not only that, but a PMP certification speaks volumes about your commitment to the profession, as well as PMI’s code of ethics and your abilities to manage any project that’s ahead of you.

When you are on the PMP certification path you will meet other people who have the same goal, take the PMP or are already certified. These contacts can help you a job that’s better paid or more suited to your needs. And with this certification, the entire world will know you can manage any project, regardless of industry.

The PMI Certification is an achievement in itself and leads to other career opportunities or promotion. It doesn’t just convince others to trust in you, but the knowledge you gain and the acceptance of the lead institution will help you gain trust in yourself and realize that with this certification there’s literally nothing you can’t do regarding management.

Prepare for CMAT Exam


Successful preparation for the CMAT requires planning, focus and sufficient practice with Practice Tests. The preparation time varies in terms of previous preparation and one’s proficiency in Reasoning, Mathematics, General Knowledge and English. The plan also varies with familiarity, time available and other constraints. Here are some general, time tested tips for test preparation:


To prepare for the Language Comprehension part, read good books, newspapers and periodicals daily. Never miss the editorial pages of your daily newspaper. Make efforts to expand your vocabulary by learning a minimum of 20 new words daily with help from a standard dictionary.


To brush up your mathematical skills, revisit your school books for class 5 to class 10. Review the basics and try to solve the questions given in the book. Mental calculations can help you save time in the test. Work on tables, fraction to decimal conversions, squares and cubes to save time in the test.


Read at least one national newspaper to keep abreast of the latest developments in politics, business, economy, sports etc. Use a reliable guide book to learn the basics of science, Indian history, geography, economy and constitution etc. Keep a watch on important developments by reading good magazines and watching TV news channels.


You can improve your Logical Reasoning by working with popular puzzle books.


To hone your skills in this area, you should try to observe data carefully to derive relevant inferences. Work on approximations, decimal to fraction conversions and percentage to enhance your score here. As we rarely need to get an exact answer here, cultivating these skills can benefit you.

Benefits of Training Janitors and Custodians

A number of the job titles inside the cleaning industry are custodian, janitor, and day porter. In addition there are cleaning companies that accept house cleaning services jobs. Nearly all of the laborers from the cleaning industry are low skilled due to the possible lack of tertiary based programs for this specific sort of job. That’s why most of the cleaning businesses include an on-the-job teaching for the brand new team members. You will also find some corporations that are sending their staff for specialized courses conducted by training providers. However, you can also find companies who definitely have not realized the need for training for their staff in job skills training.

Are you ready for the amazing benefits that your cleaning business can get from training sessions?

  • Training reduces damage of customers places while increasing customer satisfaction. It assists to promote team members’ safety especially when using cleaning chemicals.
  • Training helps the workers comprehend the priorities of the industry.
  • Training enhances the staff’s professionalism. An on-the-job training course most likely is not always enough to educate the staff about professionalism, reliability and cleaning skills. If they are offered a chance to attend a training course enjoyed by other individuals and executed by professional training companies, it can help them have a deeper understanding of the importance of professionalism and reliability.
  • • Training offers opportunities for those participants to sit and learn new things. To illustrate, training can instruct a janitor in regards to the new delicate surfaces in homes that happen to be showing up today.
  • Training helps the cleaning industry teach their team members about using different cleaning chemicals.
  • Training can help the industry reduce the costs of chemicals, assure the safety of the employees and improve the professionalism of house cleaning quality.
  • If the employees is well well-versed in his job,he is able to be a little more than simply a worker but a specialist to his clients.
  • Training helps with boosting the morale of one’s staff. If the industry is improving the staff to maximize their skills, they’re going to be more motivated to perform at their best.
  • Through training in the cleaning industry can keep pace with all the changes in this sector. Training provides new developments, procedures or strategies combined with regulation. These enhancements tend to allow the business to remain competent or in compliance.
  • Training reinforces the best performance from employees through sharing beneficial habits.
  • Training increases morale, maximizes efficiency and maintains the very high quality of cleaning techs.

The leaders of the cleaning industry must remember that the entire organization will manage to benefit from whatever improvement within the skills of one’s employees. It is vital for any industry to upgrade its methods and one of their important resources is going to be typically the staff, employees, workers and team members in a labor intensive industry. The individuals should be improved too!

Find the Accredited Online Bachelors Degree

One of the most important considerations when making this type of decision is to ensure the course you choose is accredited. This is exceptionally important. Colleges and universities that offer this type of course ensure they meet educational standards, which means any course you choose will be widely accepted.

When choosing to study via the internet, you need to ensure the course you choose will work with your long term goals. Many people have a goal in mind of what they want to be in the future, whether it’s a lawyer, doctor or even an accountant. Some of the students are already working in their desired industry and need to achieve an accredited online bachelors degree in order to further their careers.

It’s essential that you take the time to research the college and faculty before making any decisions. First and foremost you want peace of mind that they are accredited. Then get to know the subjects on offer, how they work their internet study programs and anything else you want to know. Never go for the first college you find, do some research on a number of colleges before making a final decision.

Ensure that the college offering accredited online bachelors degrees offers you the ability to discuss your requirements with an advisor before you make a decision. This way you can get all your questions answered, enabling you to make the best decision based on your requirements.

Always find out that if you choose a specific accredited online bachelors degree, there will be a tutor or advisor available should you need assistance at any stage throughout the study program. Most colleges will offer you your own tutor, who will be available either via email or the phone. This ensures if you get stuck or are struggling with any portion of the work, you can get the help you need.

Once you’ve spoken to a guidance professional and they have recommended an accredited online bachelors degree based on your subject interests, don’t let them force you into starting right away. This is the benefit of studying via the internet; you can enroll when you are ready. If you have a large work deadline looming in the coming weeks, hold off until you know you will have time available to complete the class work.

It’s always advisable to ensure that any accredited online bachelors degree you choose is online only. In some cases colleges may give you the ability to study via the internet, but you are required to attend college for examinations. In other cases the college may require you attend some classes on-site and the balance via the internet.

Either way, it’s always important to double check your upcoming schedule. Put a plan in place to ensure you are able to put some study time into your daily schedule, so you don’t fall too far behind.

Studying via the internet does require some dedication. You will be required to complete projects and examinations, the same as you would if you were attending college and you cannot be late. Always meet your deadlines with time to spare.

Reasons You Should Join An Online Traffic School

Cheaper Rates

As discussed above, Time is not only of the essence, but also is popularly considered as intangible money. By attending an online school, you save time looking for a parking space or traveling cost which you could have invested in your business, thus saving you money in the long-term, as well as short-term. Ever since the cost of living has increased immeasurably, people have started looking for easy and cost-effective outlets which encompass online schools and courses since the cost of registering at any institute is higher than that done over the internet.

Flexible Timing

Unlike institutionalized courses, an online traffic school is free from the added hassles of attending scheduled classes. You have the open liberty of attending classes and sessions as per your schedule allows whether it is at 5am in the morning or 10pm at night after dinner and the children have gone to sleep. As long as you meet the attendance and subject requirements as per your lectures, you are good to go.

Ease and Comfort

For online schools, you don’t need to worry about clothes or annoying distractions when you take the course. This is particularly a plus point for students who are otherwise engaged in other extracurricular activities which may need a physical presence, therefore, attending an online traffic school at their convenience proves fruitful. The generalized faction revolving around the word “uncomfortable” can be easily avoided as you may take breaks and have better concentration.

Reasons to Work in the Hospitality Industry

No matter which level or area you start at in the hospitality industry there is always room for personal improvement and career advancement, this industry opens the doors to endless possibilities and options for many people.

The huge diversity of jobs in the hospitality industry includes restaurant and kitchen work, hosting tours and reception work, economics, sales and marketing, management maintenance and engineering fields. Many of these areas overlap and people find they gravitate naturally to the areas that suit them the most. Some top achievers in the hospitality industry such as managers and heads of departments started their career in the kitchen or the concierge area of hotels and through hard work, ambition opportunity and self-improvement very quickly advanced into the top tier areas.

This wide range of different fields and opportunities is open to all people regardless of their socioeconomic background, who decide to choose the hospitality industry as their career option. Hospitality work is often fun, very dynamic and changeable, it includes the opportunity to change your location and position or advance yourself in other establishments either in your area, different centers or even countries. Hospitality is definitely an energetic vibrant industry so implement a trendy and functional uniform. For the hospitality industry, this means considerations like pockets on aprons for pads and pens, easy tie straps for comfort. A well-designed hospitality uniform is now really an important element of brand building for almost any venue.

A career in Hospitality can literally open the door to the world for you while you gather experience and qualifications which are usually considered universal, allowing you to see the world as a waiter, cook or housekeeper, especially when working within one of the international hotel chains who are renowned for looking after and rewarding their loyal workers.

After all is said and done customer satisfaction means a return customer and that is the backbone of hospitality. Many hospitality workers find that the salaries they receive are reasonable and the tips can be considerable.

Problem With Quota Hiring For University Staff

Well, there seems to be a severe double-standard in this case. The applicant “if Hispanic” would assume by the questions that he/she gets a preference, which in this case would probably be accurate, but if there really is no preference, why have the question in the first place. Another issue, is that if the applicant is “other than Hispanic” then they would immediately feel as if “they were not wanted” or their application is not needed, and the chances of them being hired is less-than-probable. What sort of message does that send?

It’s Discrimination – regardless of how you play it, some might call it reverse-discrimination, which is also a fair critique. Why is this allowed in this day and age of so-called “equality, inclusiveness, and fairness” to all? In this case it isn’t fair to anyone who isn’t Hispanic, in fact, it’s a sign on the door to go away unless you have Hispanic heritage. Now then, sure there might be a Hispanic person, either male or female who might be equally or more qualified for the job, that’s fine, in that case they deserve the job if they are more qualified and if equally qualified, more research is needed to pick the best applicant or candidate.

Minority Status argument is shallow for two reasons here. One, Hispanics are no longer the minority in Southern California, and two, it slaps in the face of everyone being “Equal Under the Law” which is where the whole “equality” motif is supposed to have originated. Why is it that academia of all sectors cannot understand this? You’d think they’d be preaching these self-evident truths from the highest tower of their audacious University architecture. Please consider all this and think about it when you are shelling out 10s of thousands of dollars for your kid’s college tuition or voting for your politically (correct) elected leaders.

Civil Engineering Books

Indranil Goswami’s Civil Engineering All-In-One PE Exam Guide: Breadth And Depth is probably the best reference book for PE exam. The book comes with the actual format of the exam, so you can familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam. It does not cover only things that you will need to know to pass the exam, but it also serves as an essential on-the-job reference. The book covers important civil engineering topics such as structures, geotechnics, and construction.

Civil PE Professional Engineering Exam Construction Module by Ruwan Rajapakse is a practice book that contains sample problems that are similar to what you might find on the actual exam. It also has examples and step-by-step worked solutions, complete with illustrations. The book covers various topics such as horizontal curves and vertical curves of highway constructions, multi-storey buildings, construction grade stake markings, machine horsepower computation, and many others.

If you want a good reference book that you can use on daily basis, Analysis and Behavior of Structures by Edwin Rossow would be a good choice. This is an excellent reference book for civil engineering students because it emphasizes assumptions and limitations that they have to take into account when creating mathematical models for analysis. The book will also help you distinguish the differences between nonlinear and linear problems.

Environmental technology is also an integral part of civil engineering, thus Jerry Nathanson’s Basic Environmental Technology: Water Supply, Waste Management & Pollution Control is a good choice for students or engineers who want to gain a better understanding of chemistry, geology, biology, and hydraulics. It is an easy-to-read book, providing introduction on related topics such as pollution control, waste management, or water supply. This book is also a good reference book for professionals working in the public health protection or environmental quality control field.

There are other books that cover specific areas of civil engineering. And since this branch of engineering is a very broad field, it would be better if you can identify the areas you need to improve and you can online for the most suitable books for you.

Getting The Most Out Of Being Jobless

  • The Power Of Acceptance
    To begin with, acknowledge the fact that you don’t have a job at the moment. Half the battle is won when you stop fighting your feelings or resist them. There’s no shame in getting laid off or resigning from a job you despised. Even if you got fired for a legitimate reason or for a fault of yours, ‘accept it’. Contesting your feelings covertly will make matters worse and push you in a victim mode only to make you feel bad for yourself and your situation. Believe me, when I say this, no one likes a person who cries hoarse about how unfair life has been. This world was here first and it doesn’t owe you anything. Happiness won’t be given to you on a platter. You have to work hard to achieve it be it work, relationships or life in general.
  • Plan Of Action
    Get your space from family and friends to think about what needs to be done next. Take your time and give this a good thought. It doesn’t matter if days or weeks go by. Be in no rush whatsoever in getting back to work. You may feel disturbed about your situation but to be honest, these feelings are going to fade away soon. Deal with your emotions bravely and admit to the changes you need in life. When you think you’re ready to get into work mode, then have an open mind and get on with it. This will also be a good opportunity to look for other avenues or a new field you always wanted to explore. Go back to school if you haven’t finished your Degree or may be contemplate freelancing. There are umpteen options to choose from. All you’ve got to do is silence the noises in your head and let your heart and soul show you the way. You’ll definitely get a response from within.
  • Organizations That Value You
    You’ve worked enough for bad bosses who didn’t bother to appreciate the hard work you put in at the office. Don’t let history repeat itself. Look for companies that value its employees and who ensure they feel motivated to come to work. In fact, employers too are interested in candidates who are passionate about the organization rather than just looking forward to a fat paycheck. It seriously doesn’t matter if your curriculum vitae or cover letter stand out from the rest. With the global economy taking a hit and still trying to manage its footing, there are several out there competing for the same position. The 2009 recession made many lose their jobs and due to that, you have a tough competition and task ahead of you. Look for new skills that you can master and include them in your resume in order to add fresh selling points that can be easily highlighted.
  • Get Social-Networking
    Thanks to technology, the world is now a small place these days. Having social media accounts is essential as it can get you a job faster. Your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles will give Human Resources a tour of you as a person and the skills you bring to the table. So ensure all these accounts are nicely spruced up as well as optimized to make you shine in front of a potential employer. Google yourself and see what comes up. If you think your social media isn’t giving the world facts about who you are as a person, then work on them so that it resonates with your personality. Delete embarrassing pictures and eliminate unwanted profane posts and messages. You’d want to keep it decent and clean. Look for jobs that suit your skill-set. Upload your resume on job portals and let your friends and acquaintances know that you’re looking for a new job. Word of mouth is something that many disregard but letting people know about your job situation can actually work in your favour and land you the job of your dreams. So, keep your options open and above all, have a positive outlook.

Great Career Requires More Than Luck

  1. Work that engages you: The type of work that engages you may evolve, or it may stay the same for a lifetime. This doesn’t matter so long as you make it a priority to always be involved with something you find truly appealing. Engaging work is the most individual component and requires really knowing yourself.
  2. Work that helps others: Helping others can be subjective, but as long as you believe you are accomplishing this in some way, it will make a difference in your level of job satisfaction.
  3. Work you’re good at: It is necessary to feel as though you are using your strengths and talents in a field that compels you to continue to learn and grow. Otherwise, it can lead to feelings of frustration or uselessness.
  4. Working with people you like: You may like your colleagues for a wide variety of reasons – perhaps they are intelligent, fun, nurturing, ambitious. Your reasons for wanting to be around them don’t matter as long as you enjoy spending your time in their company.
  5. Work that meets your basic needs: Basic requirements, such as an acceptable salary, decent hours, and reasonable commute, are important to feel your work is worthwhile.

All five of these criteria can be controlled to some degree by the decisions we make. Although change is always difficult, making the necessary adjustments is a challenge worth taking.

When I personally look back at my corporate career, components 3, 4, and 5 were intact, but the work was not consistently engaging and I didn’t feel as though I was really helping anyone. Despite some of the job satisfaction factors being present, the two that were most important to me were missing. This led to a career that ultimately felt unfulfilling and compelled my need for a change. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs may feel as though they have components 1 through 4 covered, but their self-employment at times is not meeting their basic needs. This too requires an adjustment, as one must still be able to pay rent and eat.

Although not fully exhaustive of everything a person may want out of a career, using a list like this will help highlight any underlying issues with your own employment. It’s interesting to weigh the various components for yourself, as they do not all carry the same value and importance for each individual. What they do, however, is call attention to key forces that actively control the trajectory of your professional life. If you take the reins and steer your own career, in the end you may feel as though you did get your lucky break after all.