Multitasking Job of a Data Scientist

Firms use data science aggressively to be a market leader. Data is streaming in from different sources like web, social media, customer reviews, internal databases, and governmental datasets. But just having those data stored will not help firms in any way, to utilize the data one needs to analyze it. Analyzing data is not an easy job as the trends are hidden. Data science industry is earning revenues from all industries domestic and international both. Revenue of $1.27 billion is earned in the last year only and it is predicted to touch $20 billion by 2025. This sudden growth is because big data is proving to be of great value to the business. Some of the uses are: Helping understand market demand. Helps in the innovation of new product and services. Helps in customer retention and satisfaction. Helps in communicating the brand to the customers. Helps in digital and social media marketing. Helps in real-time experimentation and keeps a check on business performance. ROLES OF DATA SCIENTISTS Data scientists are data wranglers who search for meaning in the data collected. A data professional has many roles in their data to day activities. As the entire data process is a pipeline…

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Choosing Your Book Format: Hardcover or Paperback

In the past, the decision about a book cover followed a steady pattern with traditional publishers. Most big name traditional publishers would print a book in hardcover, and then some months later, the paperback version would come out. This process was followed for a couple of reasons. A new book, especially by a well-known author, was a collector’s item. The first edition of a hardcover book was something to treasure, and it was often of the highest quality and made to be aesthetically pleasing, including having a dust jacket. People who wanted a book they could treasure for the rest of their lives would buy a hardcover book. But not all readers could afford hardcover books, so a cheaper mass market paperback would eventually follow. Depending on how much value the readers perceived that the book would hold for them, they might opt to buy the hardcover or they might wait for the paperback. On occasions where the hardcover did not sell well, the paperback edition was never released. As the world of publishing has changed in the last couple of decades, more publishers have begun to bring out only paperback versions for books perceived not view full post »

You Don’t Have to Teach You Have Options

On a visit to the Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami Florida, I met a nurse. In one of our many conversations she announced that formerly, she was a trained school teacher who had taught for a number of years. I was also reminded by a colleague from St. Kitts-Nevis that many of their past and current officials were teachers. This included the only female on the government team, Prime Minister, Minister of Education, Education Planner and Chief Education Officer. As a teacher, these experiences ‘shook me to the core’ because they went against a deeply held belief that teaching is not a stepping stone or a springboard to another career. However, as I reflected on my long-held, deeply engrained idealistic notion, I concluded that the action of the ‘teacher-turn-nurse’ and the other highlighted above, may have ‘come of age’ and that they are encouraged by the nature of 21st-century career trends and the nature of teacher education and training. The nature of 21st-century career trends What are the trends in 21st-century careers? First, it is an understood fact that a large number of people do not work in the area in which they have their view full post »

Making Your Schedule Flexible With Online Learning

There’s a war going on: It’s the war on schedule. Often times, your lifestyle is its own unique battleground. You’re constantly on the defensive against time, your only ally is quick wits and a bit of luck, which in itself won’t work without you. Your weapons include a calendar, your laptop, and planning skills. But times are changing, from the language, you speak to the way that you learn. You’re constantly on the prowl for knowledge, except that there are road-bumps and unexpected challenges, holding you back. In fact, these days, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a student or an investment banker: the ability to schedule flexibly is your priority. How about this: Yohana is a young entrepreneur currently experiencing her first days in¬†career mode. She lives just outside of town – away from the city center, but not too far out. Much like any other woman, Yohana has duties to fulfill: she has a husband, works a full-time job, takes care of her parents and looks after her kids every day of the week. Then all of a sudden, career kicks in. She’s in charge of clients, not just in Germany, but almost the view full post »

Three Reasons to Shift to Online Tutoring

The Internet changed education. Although traditional teaching methods are still the most effective for schooling, the Internet has paved the way for us to learn through different means. The online world is rich with academic content, instructional videos, written tutorials, and webinars. But despite all these options, there is one format for learning that sits on top of the list as far as convenience and cost are concerned: online tutoring. Nothing beats a one-on-one tutoring activity. The sessions between the instructor and the student are fruitful. They are focused. And both parties spend time focused on one thing: student development. Today, many people still question whether online tutoring is worth the money. How does it differ from traditional, physical tutoring and is it effective? In this article, we will explore its benefits and let you decide. You Have More Flexibility Since the whole world is your marketplace, you can select online tutoring services that fit your most convenient time. Logistics should be the least of your concerns. Whether you are a student or a parent, a schedule should never be an issue anymore. A lot of tutors are available 24/7 and all view full post »