Career Renegade

I found this book to be much more than a bunch of motivational “you can do it.” Fields shares examples, stories of others who’ve achieved success following their dreams, and resources to assist you make the transition toward your passions. The first part consists of two chapters that get you thinking about what you really want. Part two explores what kind of renegade you want to be. Fields looks at different career renegade paths and opportunities available to make a living while doing what you enjoy.

In part three, Fields covers topics such as getting social online and building on blogging and social media, areas that he has been extremely successful with. Marketing is a key to building a business, and Fields offers some good advice in this area.

The final part focuses on topics such as cultivating the renegade mind-set, not doing it alone, holding on to your life preserver until you can swim, and being your own guru. This final chapter was motivating, but also grounded in reality. I like the Helen Keller quote near the end, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Fields then asks, “What are you waiting for?”

Some of the stories and examples Fields uses were people and business I was familiar with, and others I’d never heard of, but all of them fit well with the lessons he was sharing. He also provided numerous websites for additional information. I really did feel the book had a good mix of motivation, practical tips, resources, and examples that engaged and instructed the entire way through. It is also a book to look back to as you plan your own career. If you are not making a great living doing what you love, check out this book and it may just provide the stimulus and advice to help you along that path.