Implementing Online Learning

First – understand and respect the complexities of online learning

Online learning is high technology. It is right up there with software applications, network servers, and above all “The Web”. You don’t need to become an expert in all of these things to lead a successful online implementation project, but you do need to understand what is needed and how to assemble the right team and resources to ensure success.

Here are some things you’ll want to know and questions you’ll want to ask to prepare yourself:

You’ll need a technology infrastructure (network servers, bandwidth and computers for example) and the people to set them up and maintain them. These questions will help define any technology challenges you might face and so plan how to overcome them.

  • Where will students take the online courses I will offer? How many different kinds of locations are there? How many students will be taking the courses at about the same time? How long will the courses take? Will students complete courses in one session or return several times?
  • Where will I get my learning content? Will I purchase ready made courses? If I do will I need to customize them? If I write my own courses, what tool will I use to create them? Will my courses come from more than one source?
  • What will the courses look like? Will they be mostly text with a few pictures or will they be data rich with many images, URL’s, and interaction? How long will they be? Based on this, how much “bandwidth” will I need and with what other of my organization’s applications must I compete to get it? Which individuals in my organization (or elsewhere) must I get to know (and become influential) in order to get the resources I’ll need to succeed? Who in my organization can influence others to get the technical resources I’ll need?
  • On what servers will my content reside? Will they be on my network, hosted somewhere else, or a combination of several environments? Will students need to access the courses from outside of these networks? If so, will network security requirements permit them to do this?

You’ll need to decide how students will access the online courses, you offer, what they’ll do while there, and what information you’ll need as a result.

  • Do your students currently have access to other training information and tasks? For example, can they enroll in instructor led courses or take other training actions? Do you want to incorporate the online learning into this same environment? Where will students be when they need access to this environment? Will network security requirements permit them to do this?
  • What do I need to know during and after the training? Is it important to know who took what and when they took it? Do I need reports? Who else needs information – Managers, Employees, and Executives – and what do they need? How will I get this information? How will I distribute it to the right people at the right time?
  • If more than one software system is used (for example online content and a Learning Management System) how will I integrate them? It may, for example be important to learn about the SCORM system of standards which allows different systems to work together.
  • What will my test environment and plan look like? What resources will I need? Who will manage it? How can I ensure success by uncovering problems before they are deployed to my organization?

Second – develop the plan and resources you’ll need to succeed

Online learning projects are no different from other technology projects. The opportunity for success is directly linked to putting the appropriate effort into planning ahead of time. The answers you get to the questions in the section above will help you prepare and execute your plan.

Here are some things to consider for your planning:

  • When, how, and to who do I want to deploy online learning? It’s okay to begin with a goal date in mind. This will help you determine how quickly work must be done and which personnel resources you will need to do it. Likewise, you must also be prepared to strike a balance between the tasks to be done and the time and resources available to do them; this could cause your goal date to change.
  • When will I need internal resources such as course authors, network administrators, and web administrators to perform project tasks? Are they available? Which will be needed for ongoing maintenance of the new system? Are there budget considerations? Who will I be working with and what are their responsibilities?
  • Are there vendors and other outside resources with which I am working? What do I need from them and when do I need it? How will I communicate with them? Are there budget considerations? Do any of them need to collaborate with one another? If they do, do I need to act as intermediary? How do I determine that their work is satisfactory and complete? What is my long range plan for maintenance and growth?
  • How will I plan for the organizational changes which must occur? How will I deploy to my staff, other students, managers, and executives in a manageable fashion? What are their expectations? How will I communicate with them? How will I train them? What feedback will I need from them to ensure their adoption and how will I get it?


Selenium Training Online


Selenium is an open source portable and automated software testing tool used for testing of web applications. Selenium can operate across different operating systems and different browsers. It is not a single tool but a set of various tools that aid testers in automating the web based applications efficiently and effectively.

Here is a brief understanding of various tools that make Selenium the apple of testers’ eyes.

Selenium IDE

The Integrated Development Environment of Selenium is a Firefox plugin which allows the testers to record all their activities as they follow the workflow that they need to test. It offers graphical user interface that records the user’s Firefox actions. This can only be used with Firefox browser and other browsers are not supported.

Selenium RC

Selenium Remote Control is a flagship testing framework that lets testers perform simple browser actions and linear execution. It completely uses the strengths of programming languages like Java, C#, Python, PHP, PERL and Ruby that helps in creation of more complex tests.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is the successor of Selenium RC. It directly sends commands to the browser and then the results are retrieved.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is a tool which is used to run tests parallel across different machines and different browsers. This results in reduction of execution time greatly.

Advantages of Selenium

  • Selenium is an open source tool
  • It can be extended for several different technologies that expose DOM
  • It has the ability to execute scripts across different browsers
  • It also can execute scripts on different operating systems
  • It supports mobile devices.
  • It executes tests within the browser. Therefore no focus is needed during script execution.

Disadvantages of Selenium

There are few disadvantages of Selenium which definitely does not affect the popularity of Selenium. Here we go.

  • Selenium supports only web based applications
  • It does not have the feature of recovery scenario
  • It does not have IDE due to which the development of script becomes slow
  • It does not have the ability to control access within the browser
  • It does not have test report generation
  • The uses has to depend on programming language for parameterization

Overview of Online Learning

The five main reasons responsible for the growth of online learning are: access, efficiency, cost, technology and stability. The development in technology is really encouraging a number of people to enhance their educational qualifications. Considering the popularity of this style of education, a number of educational institutes, post secondary, as well as high schools, have started using this medium for imparting education. The easy options for enhancing the educational qualifications enable people to acquire new skills and provide them the opportunities of starting new careers.

There are two ways one can access online courses, open or restricted. The first option enables almost anyone to join a course as long as they have an Internet connection. However, this option doesn’t allow the learner to interact with their instructor. The option of courses is very wide, including courses of university level. This allows anyone to pursue a course that interests him/her.

The courses with restricted access have a definite number of registered students. Such a course allows the student to interact with their instructors. Students completing these kinds of courses are awarded grades after they finish their course.

It is helpful for both, the student and the educator, to have online access to course materials. The instructor or teacher can have his lectures recorded, and then reuse them as many times as he needs. So, the recurring expense is only towards marking and monitoring the communication from students. This substantially reduces the time that educators need to spend, and hence their expense.

A very significant benefit of online courses is the fact that students can access lectures pertaining to their course at their convenience, from anywhere, when having access to the net, so they can purse studies at their own pace. They need not travel to attend classes, and the fee is inclusive of several course materials that the students may need.

The content of the online courses offered by recognized educational institutes has been reviewed by eminent professionals. Several introductory, as well as intermediate courses don’t undergo any change since their content is stagnant. So, these may be reused whenever required.

Since the expense of conducting online courses is low, the fee payable by students is generally lower than the usual courses where the instructors personally deliver the lectures. Reduced fees allow more number of students to continue their education, also allowing them to also save additional money, as there is no need to spend money for commuting to schools.

Project Management Courses Online

In order to be a PMP certified professional, you first have to first be trained for it. The PMP course is essential in the preparation for the PMP Certification exam as they offer key information concerning product lifecycle, project phases, and PMP Process Groups.

Through these courses, you will learn about and explore the core source of information for any project manager: The Project Management Institute – PMI and the PMBOK Guide, published by PMI. In addition, you will be presented with key PMP concepts and terms as well as the project management Knowledge Areas.

Through these courses, you can learn more about what the PMP certification is and how it will help boost your career. According to the latest studies, a PMP certified manager has a salary that’s 20% higher than the ones without this certification. Not only that, but a PMP certification speaks volumes about your commitment to the profession, as well as PMI’s code of ethics and your abilities to manage any project that’s ahead of you.

When you are on the PMP certification path you will meet other people who have the same goal, take the PMP or are already certified. These contacts can help you a job that’s better paid or more suited to your needs. And with this certification, the entire world will know you can manage any project, regardless of industry.

The PMI Certification is an achievement in itself and leads to other career opportunities or promotion. It doesn’t just convince others to trust in you, but the knowledge you gain and the acceptance of the lead institution will help you gain trust in yourself and realize that with this certification there’s literally nothing you can’t do regarding management.

Prepare for CMAT Exam


Successful preparation for the CMAT requires planning, focus and sufficient practice with Practice Tests. The preparation time varies in terms of previous preparation and one’s proficiency in Reasoning, Mathematics, General Knowledge and English. The plan also varies with familiarity, time available and other constraints. Here are some general, time tested tips for test preparation:


To prepare for the Language Comprehension part, read good books, newspapers and periodicals daily. Never miss the editorial pages of your daily newspaper. Make efforts to expand your vocabulary by learning a minimum of 20 new words daily with help from a standard dictionary.


To brush up your mathematical skills, revisit your school books for class 5 to class 10. Review the basics and try to solve the questions given in the book. Mental calculations can help you save time in the test. Work on tables, fraction to decimal conversions, squares and cubes to save time in the test.


Read at least one national newspaper to keep abreast of the latest developments in politics, business, economy, sports etc. Use a reliable guide book to learn the basics of science, Indian history, geography, economy and constitution etc. Keep a watch on important developments by reading good magazines and watching TV news channels.


You can improve your Logical Reasoning by working with popular puzzle books.


To hone your skills in this area, you should try to observe data carefully to derive relevant inferences. Work on approximations, decimal to fraction conversions and percentage to enhance your score here. As we rarely need to get an exact answer here, cultivating these skills can benefit you.

Benefits of Training Janitors and Custodians

A number of the job titles inside the cleaning industry are custodian, janitor, and day porter. In addition there are cleaning companies that accept house cleaning services jobs. Nearly all of the laborers from the cleaning industry are low skilled due to the possible lack of tertiary based programs for this specific sort of job. That’s why most of the cleaning businesses include an on-the-job teaching for the brand new team members. You will also find some corporations that are sending their staff for specialized courses conducted by training providers. However, you can also find companies who definitely have not realized the need for training for their staff in job skills training.

Are you ready for the amazing benefits that your cleaning business can get from training sessions?

  • Training reduces damage of customers places while increasing customer satisfaction. It assists to promote team members’ safety especially when using cleaning chemicals.
  • Training helps the workers comprehend the priorities of the industry.
  • Training enhances the staff’s professionalism. An on-the-job training course most likely is not always enough to educate the staff about professionalism, reliability and cleaning skills. If they are offered a chance to attend a training course enjoyed by other individuals and executed by professional training companies, it can help them have a deeper understanding of the importance of professionalism and reliability.
  • • Training offers opportunities for those participants to sit and learn new things. To illustrate, training can instruct a janitor in regards to the new delicate surfaces in homes that happen to be showing up today.
  • Training helps the cleaning industry teach their team members about using different cleaning chemicals.
  • Training can help the industry reduce the costs of chemicals, assure the safety of the employees and improve the professionalism of house cleaning quality.
  • If the employees is well well-versed in his job,he is able to be a little more than simply a worker but a specialist to his clients.
  • Training helps with boosting the morale of one’s staff. If the industry is improving the staff to maximize their skills, they’re going to be more motivated to perform at their best.
  • Through training in the cleaning industry can keep pace with all the changes in this sector. Training provides new developments, procedures or strategies combined with regulation. These enhancements tend to allow the business to remain competent or in compliance.
  • Training reinforces the best performance from employees through sharing beneficial habits.
  • Training increases morale, maximizes efficiency and maintains the very high quality of cleaning techs.

The leaders of the cleaning industry must remember that the entire organization will manage to benefit from whatever improvement within the skills of one’s employees. It is vital for any industry to upgrade its methods and one of their important resources is going to be typically the staff, employees, workers and team members in a labor intensive industry. The individuals should be improved too!

Find the Accredited Online Bachelors Degree

One of the most important considerations when making this type of decision is to ensure the course you choose is accredited. This is exceptionally important. Colleges and universities that offer this type of course ensure they meet educational standards, which means any course you choose will be widely accepted.

When choosing to study via the internet, you need to ensure the course you choose will work with your long term goals. Many people have a goal in mind of what they want to be in the future, whether it’s a lawyer, doctor or even an accountant. Some of the students are already working in their desired industry and need to achieve an accredited online bachelors degree in order to further their careers.

It’s essential that you take the time to research the college and faculty before making any decisions. First and foremost you want peace of mind that they are accredited. Then get to know the subjects on offer, how they work their internet study programs and anything else you want to know. Never go for the first college you find, do some research on a number of colleges before making a final decision.

Ensure that the college offering accredited online bachelors degrees offers you the ability to discuss your requirements with an advisor before you make a decision. This way you can get all your questions answered, enabling you to make the best decision based on your requirements.

Always find out that if you choose a specific accredited online bachelors degree, there will be a tutor or advisor available should you need assistance at any stage throughout the study program. Most colleges will offer you your own tutor, who will be available either via email or the phone. This ensures if you get stuck or are struggling with any portion of the work, you can get the help you need.

Once you’ve spoken to a guidance professional and they have recommended an accredited online bachelors degree based on your subject interests, don’t let them force you into starting right away. This is the benefit of studying via the internet; you can enroll when you are ready. If you have a large work deadline looming in the coming weeks, hold off until you know you will have time available to complete the class work.

It’s always advisable to ensure that any accredited online bachelors degree you choose is online only. In some cases colleges may give you the ability to study via the internet, but you are required to attend college for examinations. In other cases the college may require you attend some classes on-site and the balance via the internet.

Either way, it’s always important to double check your upcoming schedule. Put a plan in place to ensure you are able to put some study time into your daily schedule, so you don’t fall too far behind.

Studying via the internet does require some dedication. You will be required to complete projects and examinations, the same as you would if you were attending college and you cannot be late. Always meet your deadlines with time to spare.

Reasons You Should Join An Online Traffic School

Cheaper Rates

As discussed above, Time is not only of the essence, but also is popularly considered as intangible money. By attending an online school, you save time looking for a parking space or traveling cost which you could have invested in your business, thus saving you money in the long-term, as well as short-term. Ever since the cost of living has increased immeasurably, people have started looking for easy and cost-effective outlets which encompass online schools and courses since the cost of registering at any institute is higher than that done over the internet.

Flexible Timing

Unlike institutionalized courses, an online traffic school is free from the added hassles of attending scheduled classes. You have the open liberty of attending classes and sessions as per your schedule allows whether it is at 5am in the morning or 10pm at night after dinner and the children have gone to sleep. As long as you meet the attendance and subject requirements as per your lectures, you are good to go.

Ease and Comfort

For online schools, you don’t need to worry about clothes or annoying distractions when you take the course. This is particularly a plus point for students who are otherwise engaged in other extracurricular activities which may need a physical presence, therefore, attending an online traffic school at their convenience proves fruitful. The generalized faction revolving around the word “uncomfortable” can be easily avoided as you may take breaks and have better concentration.

Advantages to Choosing AutoCAD Classes

The biggest advantage to AutoCAD classes is that it improves productivity. This is why so many companies enrol team members for these training sessions. It helps the student visualise their final product and see how it will work, ensuring they have taken all the necessary steps before putting the project forward.

The next advantage to this type of training is that the quality of the design is dramatically improved. This makes it easier when working with a group to show the design and everyone understand it, again saving time and energy and enabling staff to complete projects quicker than if they were drawing them manually.

The software enables users to create documentation for their design. This is a major benefit to taking AutoCAD classes and learning how this documentation is developed, helping others understand what is involved in the design with ease. Documentation includes everything from the materials to be used to components and specifications, very important in architectural design where the drawings are sent to a contractor who has to understand every step of the way.

Going to this type of training teaches students the importance of manufacturing databases, how to create and use them and how it will help them improve their overall productivity.

This software is so easy to use and offers the ease of cut, copy and paste, saving time, energy and making it easy to use once you know how. Companies and private individuals choose AutoCAD classes to develop skills to help in business.

Anyone looking for a job in the architectural or engineering sector will benefit greatly from having a certificate in this type of training. It enables the person to join a company and get to work, understanding the software used and helping them be a productive member of the team from day one.

Companies looking to develop their teams can choose this type of training, registering team members into classes which are held all over the world on a daily basis.

There are options available when looking for AutoCAD classes and it’s advisable to choose the one you feel most comfortable with, whether you want to take a course which lasts a few days or you want to study in your own time in the comfort of your own home. There is no right or wrong, it depends what your work schedule is like and your preferred method of study. Both options will leave students with a certificate in this type of software which can be used to help promote them during an interview process.

Hundreds of people attend AutoCAD classes every year to add to their growing resume, making them more appealing to prospective employers and increasing their chances of being accepted for promotion.

Understanding how the software works and what it can be used for is hugely advantageous in any industry that requires design and innovation. Those who complete this type of course can build anything from buildings to electrical circuits and stadiums to bridges and anything else that is needed by their company with complete specifications, materials, components, descriptions and proof that it works.


PDF is in trend to share documents through, right from your resume to high-security files are being shared in this format. It is easy for the sender to share and the recipient to view the files. However, some times it is only a part or extracts of the file those need to be shared for a particular purpose. It is required to split or segregate or how to separate pages from PDF and create a new file only with the needed content. Previously, it was tough and cumbersome to create a different file with required extracted details. As technology has advanced, today we have much software which helps us with their exhaustive tools to extract pages and split a PDF file as per the requirement.

Extracting data from the source file can be dicey and probably can lead to loss of some data. But when you are separating pages from a pdf file your original source is intact and safe. Movavi PDF Editor is a software that gives you the liberty to split pages of your pdf file and customize it as per your requirement. All the software has different tools working for the same purpose, few of them are user-friendly and some may not be easy to use. It is therefore suggested to preview and review the software before purchasing it. Today, you can get reviews of almost every software online and this helps you to choose the best suitable for your purpose.

The need for separating the pages is due to the requirement of data as per the meeting or as requested by the seniors. Creating a whole new file is time-consuming and tedious. This software helps you to extract the pages from the existing pdf file and develop a new file without any hassles. All you need is to be specific on your data requirement and page numbers. Although, you can always preview the pages being specific saves your time. Once the pages are identified you can extract them with the extract tool and save it into a new file. You can edit and modify this new file and place the pages as per the chronology that you need. Also, you can convert your PDF file into different formats such as JPG, PNG or BMP and then split your pages and create a new image file for your presentation.

It is recommended to go for a paid version of this software as a trial version may have its limitations and might not be able to resolve all your issues in creating or editing a PDF file. Separating pages from PDF is a cake walk with Movavi PDF Editor as it has all the tools and is user-friendly. Using software to edit your PDF files keeps you ahead of your competition and a notch above your rivals. As the time that you have saved can be used in improving your productivity and skills. Keep reading and keep using PDF editor!