Custom Hybris Online Corporate Training

If it is feature-rich, it is also complex. Hybris facilitates online sales, in-store sales and sales through other channels as well besides incorporating a product content management module to enhance customer experience while taking care of SEO. The central order management system and associated modules take care of billing. Built on Java, Hybris is safe, secure and multi-tiered, easily tying together database layers with web services and applications besides integration into backend ERP fucntionalities. This being the case, when an enterprises opts for Hybris, it is essential that personnel involved in handling any of its modules be trained. Hybris online corporate training enhances their skill sets that ultimately lead to faster development, ease of use, better productivity and customer satisfaction. Even here, custom Hybris training is necessary.

The simple reason for custom training in Hybris online for corporate environment is the diversity of features of this package. The software includes commerce based modules such as HY100, HY200 and others, each with focused functionalities. Similarly, it has marketing functions covered by HY700 modules, Hybris Cloud for customer, sales, services, applications and SAP integration. Its YaaS solutions target personnel to train them to connect applications in the Hybris portfolio. As can be seen each individual in the organization has specific set of duties and would find training in other modules a waste of time as well as irrelevant. For the organization this would mean additional expenditure without any positive outcomes. This is why when an enterprise considers online SAP Hybris training for its staff members, a custom approach works best.

The key benefits of custom training in Hybris for corporates can be enumerated as follows:

  • As matters stand, executives in organizations carry a heavy workload and cannot devote a large slice of time to learning. Custom training means they learn only what is relevant to their job functions and this means they become more involved and engaged in gaining skills.
  • Companies do not have to pay for all the modules and their cost for training of personnel reduces.
  • Key personnel gain job-specific skills in a short time and become more productive, contributing to the company’s growth and profitability as well as reputation.
  • Custom training online in Hybris means the learner has access to a variety of course materials, both text and audio visual and learns better. Besides, he has access to a personalized trainer to help resolve any issues he faces when he implements what he has learned.