Employability Skills Employers Seek

  1. Problem-solving and logical thinking skills: Job seekers who apply logical thinking in every task they do are likely to get more engaged in it. Employers would be overwhelmed to get practical and sensible answers from such aspirants. Also, logical thinking is the key to problem-solving. Identifying solutions becomes easier when knowledge is applied to the core areas.
  2. Interpersonal and communication skills: Only a seeker, who claims to be really professional and has the expertise in the concerned field, can communicate a strategy well. But to listen and relate to what others say is also a part of this skill set. Surprisingly, what one says and how one says is now a part of prospering career.
  3. Self-motivation skills: Individuals steered by strong personal drive don’t have to be told to do things. If they can impress the employers with their own ideas that can be made into reality, they are halfway through. They are likely to have energetic personalities as well.
  4. Managing work pressure: Time pressure is a part of the job and dealing with it is a sought-after skill.Pressure works as a positive motivator and, ultimately, makes the employee more productive. That is why employers look for applicants who can work under pressure and commit themselves to deadlines.
  5. Team working: A desirable employee should have the expertise to work in teams and accomplish a given task on time. Working with a team of people having different roles can be a challenge. A skilled employee can well identify how everyone can contribute the best.