Increase Your Intelligence Quotient

  1. Let go of the remote control- At first, this might seem difficult, however, it is worth the effort. You need to quit the habit of plonking yourself on the couch and staring at the idiot box for an untold number of hours. Too much of TV makes your eyes sore and sucks out the energy from your brain, making it unproductive and lethargic.
  2. Bring out those dumbbells- Exercising is often looked down upon, as a waste of time for someone who does care much about being fit. Nonetheless, here, exercise has another reason behind it. Investing some time in exercising gives you a boost to be all the more productive during the time after the workout. It helps clear your head and induces a wave of energy that is often sought after.
  3. Read books that you generally wouldn’t touch- Whether you’re a reader or not much of one, many often refrain from reading books that tend to challenge their thinking ability. You need to get a hold of such a book that is challenging and inspires you to think beyond the content itself. You need to get into the habit of building that excitement of stumbling upon new ideas when you pick a book.