Media Relations For Startups

When starting the process of media relations, either side can initiate the communication, but it’s important to note that the media are the ones in charge of their own publications, which means that they have control over which content gets published and how it will look like. This is because they take care of their own audience by publishing only the most relevant pitches, which makes ongoing relationships with the media vital. The best tactic to ensure a good first impression and a decent chance of maintaining a good working relationship with the media is to understand what each of their point of interest is. Some news portals post about businesses only, some are more into technology, while others have a dozen sections, all of which are covered by specific reporters.

Those who participate in reaching out to the media put together a so-called media list, which is a list of all possible media outlets that might show interest in covering a story about the organization. It helps by discarding all other media outlets who are not writing about topics the organization revolves around. This also includes stories which in any possible way relate to the organization itself, not just a one-time coverage about an organization.

Every organization representative has the ability to raise awareness via the media, even if the organization is a startup. Startups can make an outstanding and immediate impact with a good chosen audience by either comparing their own products to their most famous competitors, or by creating a buzz around a certain topic.

The impact builds public support for the startup organization, as well as a first impression, which can be positive or negative. Another thing the impact can often lead to is an encouraged two-way communication.

With media relations, startups can ensure their potential customers find out about the upcoming product. Unfortunately for those startups that have yet to make a product, press coverage can hurt their business. So far, it has been proven numerous times that a coverage by renowned news portals like TechCrunch or Wired does not make an impact whatsoever if the mission is to just get the word out about a company who has yet to release something.

Think of social media as probably the best startup marketing channel, because within the last few years, brands all over the world have thought through their social media strategy way before reaching out to media outlets. A good social media strategy is possibly the best investment in customer relationships.

Updated: March 3, 2019 — 5:29 am