Online Practice Sessions

Online Practice- Best Solution
Online portals offer practice exams which help a child to prepare well for his school-tests. These courses cover the entire curriculum of the child, give him practice tests for each topic which assesses the extent of his grasp on the subject and give him the necessary confidence required to sit for his school-tests. When the child is given a comprehensive set of questions to be answered on each topic it helps him to understand each and every nuance of the topic. It makes him aware about the areas where he needs to improve his performance and ensures that he takes the necessary steps. If the child has adopted the Cambridge learning course then CIE Checkpoint, Free Cambridge Checkpoint Worksheets take care of all aspects of Cambridge primary checkpoint curriculum for whatever subjects he has chosen. Cambridge checkpoint questions include all the possible questions that a child may be asked in his school-tests against each topic.

Online Practice Sessions- Focus More on the Student
Online practice sessions offer flexibility and ease of studying to the child. The child can study at those times that are most suitable for him and for as long periods he finds it fit without causing disruption or disturbance to fellow students. Break-periods can be decided by him and learning conducted at the student’s pace.A practice session which is well-charted ensures that learning happens in a non-threatening manner for all students. Difficulty levels of the practice sessions are set at different levels to suit the capabilities of every student. Any online learning technology offers the student time for reflection and this goes a long way towards effective learning.