Publish Your Doctoral Dissertation

Submitting Your Dissertation to a Database

Most universities require doctoral learners a chance to publish their work through an academic database to satisfy the requirements of their doctoral program. Depending on the learner’s professional goals, he or she may decide to select another route. Even if the university requires each doctoral learner to submit their dissertation to the specified database, he or she owns the copyright and would be able to earn a royalty depending on the agreed upon amount in the publishing contract.

Transforming Your Dissertation into a Journal

Another strategy is to submit one’s dissertation to an academic journal. When utilizing this strategy, it is so important to make sure that one takes the time out to focus on what the journal guidelines are for accepting manuscript submissions. The guidelines are not the same as one’s dissertation so individuals want to make sure that they focus on each criterion to ensure that they increase their chances of having their manuscript approved. Depending on the call for manuscripts topics, individuals may need to add additional research or format sections of their dissertations accordingly.

Transforming Your Dissertation into a Book

The last strategy is to convert one’s dissertation into a book. Individuals must understand that this strategy also requires a significant amount of time to plan out the book from concept to finish so that they are able to craft a book proposal. Just like submitting one’s manuscript for a journal, it is also important to check out the publisher’s guidelines on how to format the book proposal and manuscript. It is expected that more work will probably need to be done to one’s dissertation to meet quality standards for commercial books.

The bottom line is that each doctoral learner has options to publish his or her work and it is important to weigh the options. If publishing your doctoral dissertation is on your mind, please ask for additional information from your dissertation committee. Often times, there may be publishing opportunities that they may be aware of or some of your committee members or chair may opt to co-publish with you on a future academic project.

Updated: March 3, 2019 — 5:29 am