sing Social Influence As a Leadership Tool

Leaders should work as collaborators with team members to produce their best work and achieve organizational goals. What are some ways you can utilize social influence to increase the effectiveness of your leadership?

  1. Develop a partnership mindset: It’s not a “you versus them” scenario. You and your employees are partners. In order to get the work done everyone must do their part to make sure the organizations goals are met. Therefore, an authoritarian mindset of “I am manager and these underlings must do what I say” is an archaic and unproductive way to do business. As leader of a team, you’re still a team member. A partnership mindset of the leader can influence the team to take on ownership of their roles and outcomes in the organization.
  2. Get to know your team members: In order to resonate on an emotional level and build trust with your team, it requires building a relationship with them. When you understand each of your team members and learn what they can do well, you can assign them the tasks they will likely succeed in. Effective leaders get to know their team and use that connection to maximize performance. Making employees to feel more valued and appreciated can go a long way to motivating them into producing their best work.
  3. Big Picture: Make sure that each and every employee understands how what they do on a daily basis is directly tied to department and organizational goals. When you can’t see the forest for the trees it’s easy to lose sight of the goals and how you fit in. This can lead to complacency and apathy. No matter where they are on the org chart, the employee needs to know how they fit in and how what they do contributes to the goals and keeps the cash flow coming in.
  4. Keep your employees’ best interests in mind: In every leaders’ day, there will be decisions made that someone will not like. However, when your employees feel that you have their best interests in mind they are more productive, more innovative, and less prone to absenteeism. It’s human nature- we’re more likely to be nice to those who we know have our back. Act with fairness, honesty and in the best interests of your team and they’ll reward you.