Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is such a beautiful destination that the movie “Lord of the Rings” was also shot here.

The programs for higher education in this country are known worldwide for their quality. The employers all over the world are known to have given preference to students who have gained degrees from this country. The most recognized universities in this country are the University of Auckland, the University of Canterbury and the University of Otago.

Other notable universities are the Massey University and the Victoria University of Wellington. There are almost 860 training institutions in this country which have received private funding.

On an average, the living expenses of a student are 1,200 New Zealand dollars per month. The students can pursue the education in different courses varying from scuba diving to hospitality. The study environment in New Zealand is also very conducive to studies where students can benefit from small class sizes and the helpful learning environment where students are also encouraged to raise queries. The creative side of a student’s personality is also encouraged in this country. The students also have the privilege of working while studying whilst they are in this country.

Options for work-study in New Zealand are teaching when you don’t have classes, and executing administrative jobs. The students can also opt for paid internships while they are in this country. Such internships are also quite useful to add to your resume apart from allowing you to cover your study cost in New Zealand. The students who have work experience in the home country can use it to gain some useful employment in New Zealand. If you have a reference from your previous employer, it can help you to get extraordinary employment in New Zealand. If opting to work and study in New Zealand, it’s better to be aware of your working rights which include the privilege to earn a minimum wage. As a student, who is looking forward to covering his study cost in New Zealand, you can easily benefit from 20 hours of work during the academic sessions and more during college holidays. You can get the help of study-in-New Zealand consultants to get your study permit for this nation approved in time.