Choosing The Perfect Online MBA Program

Know your purpose for the MBA

Why are you pursuing an MBA degree in the first place? It is one of the most important steps to getting on the right path. Identify what you want to specialize in, your expectations, the learning style you love and what kind of flexibility you want. By getting to understand the basics of your kind of program, you will be able to eliminate unsuitable schools fast and easy.

Background check the program

Before enrolling in any online MBA program, make sure that you look into the accreditation. Not all schools are accredited yet this is very important because it works as approval and assurance that you will indeed be getting the quality education that you deserve. Go for a school that has accreditation from an education body that is recognized. You can use a school directory to find out which schools in your area …

MBA vs Executive MBA


EMBA degrees are minimum one year courses and the mode of offering is part time or distance/online. Regular MBA degrees are two year courses and the mode of offering is full time, thus making it difficult for an established working professional to pursue a full time regular MBA. Hence, if a professional wants to do an MBA in a shorter period of time, then EMBA is the most suitable option for such a professional.

Timings of classes:

A regular MBA is a full time course with classes scheduled for the entire day. EMBA classes, on the other hand, are scheduled at convenient timings so that a working professional can pursue the course without having to compromise on his work timings. EMBA classes usually take place in the evenings or in the weekends, thereby giving the professional ample space to pursue his/her professional goals.


The main objective of a …