Use Keywords to Enhance Your Federal Resume

What are Keywords?

Resume Keywords are very powerful that can develop the employer’s understanding of your experience and qualifications. When the agency announcement posts new opportunities, there are several descriptors within the body of the announcement that relate to the position. These descriptors are known as keywords. Understanding and effective usage of keywords could be the difference between ranking higher in specific categories during the application process.

Why Keywords are Important

Keywords are important with federal resumes as they are the action verbs that can highlight your experience.
When you explain the previous experience, it is important to use powerful action verbs that can act as descriptions and express how you performed the functions and what was the effectiveness.

Federal resumes unlike normal resumes are slightly longer because they are to be written in a detailed and descriptive fashion. When you prepare your federal resume make sure you include keywords from the announcement opening to improve your chances of being rated higher.

While there are several great Federal resume samples that a Federal job seeker may view, resume keywords are based on the Announcement and the applicant’s background, so it’s important to have an understanding of personal credentials in this process.

Whether it is government jobs or not it is important to enhance your resume by including numerical results. Adding numerical results in the resume can increase your chances as it contains a description of the responsibility level you have held in the past and how well you can manage the current job.

The Importance of a Good Federal Resume

When you have set your goal for a career in Federal government, crafting a good resume is one of the most important steps in the process.
Including relevant information to the Announcement being applied for is the biggest priority.

The most common mistake is including all jobs within the work history in a chronological listing. You need to use some discretion when there is too much information. You need to make sure that all the needed information that is required for the position you are applying for should be included in the resume. However if there is some information that is indirectly related can be ignored in case you have too much information.

Include Relevant Information

It is generally seen that majority of the applicants have great sense of pride when it comes to their work experience and want to list all their experiences. However, while preparing your federal resume anything like education or work experience need not be mentioned in depth as it happened a long time ago and is not a requirement for the future role that you shall be appointed for.