Use Social Media to Advance Your Career

Grow Your Network

Social media is social networking. Social networking by definition means you have to be social. Engage with people. Drop your contacts an email now and then to check in or ask them for some career advice. Keep your contacts always warm. I am a huge believer in picking up the phone, so make it a point to go through your social media friends and connect with people. You never know who has the next opportunity for you.

Use Your Real Name

Nicknames are fine, and I know that many people use them on social media, but if you’re looking to advance your career, make it a point to have an account using your real name so a potential hiring manager can find you. Some people have two accounts within their social media, especially Facebook (which by the way doesn’t look favorably on it, but it can be done). If you want to use a nickname and spend time sharing your political views, keep that account for your close friends and family. Use your real name for posting content any employer doing a search using your name can find.

Be True to You

Companies are looking to hire people who align with their business culture. So, when you’re using a profile picture, make it a point to let your personality shine through. Smile and look relaxed. If you’re an artist or looking to work in a cool start-up, look the part in your social media profile. Be who you are in your picture, or at least show your dynamic business side.

Follow Company Pages

An excellent way to learn more about companies or organizations you might want to work for is to follow their pages. And, if there’s a business of particular interest to you-comment and engage with people within the organization. Show your expertise in your particular field. When you post comments, make sure they’re thoughtful. Keep doing it consistently, and people will notice it within the company and outside of it.


Unfortunately, social media is full of spam. But you can still use #jobs with another keyword to find opportunities. You’ll have to do some sifting, but you’re able to find thoughts leaders in the field at the very least, if not a job posting.